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Having been around since the tech boom of the mid-90s, in the era of Windows 95 when Hard Drive and R.A.M. sizes were a universe away from the terabytes and gigabytes on offer today, at intellect, we are an independent technology company based in Stockport, Greater Manchester. From the 90s, our business has evolved considerably and today consists of three main overarching areas: Computing & IT; CCTV & Security; Communications & Technology.

From our Stockport offices, we cater for business and domestic clients across Stockport, Greater Manchester and the UK, aiming to provide a friendly, professional and knowledgeable service - whether we are repairing your laptop, deploying cloud solutions across your business or installing an IP CCTV system at your property.

Through this new blog, we hope to give you insight into intellect, the work that we do, and the projects and challenges on which our team thrive and deliver.

Stay tuned!

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